Thursday Insights: Cyberattacks – are you protected?

16 maj 2024 | 15:00 - 16:00

This workshop has been postponed, a new date will be set after this summer.

The need for cybersecurity has never been more paramount. With our lives intertwined with digital technologies, the potential for cyber threats looms larger than ever before. Individuals and organizations face a barrage of malicious attacks, ranging from data breaches to ransomware infections.

In this talk we will analyze a few real-world cybersecurity attacks and discuss about strategies to protect computers from security threats. If you’re ready to take proactive steps in protecting your digital footprint, join us as we navigate the complex terrain of cybersecurity.

The workshop will be in english.

Alexandre Bartel, datavetenskap vid Umeå universitet

Alexandre Bartel

Research in software engineering and computer security, Umeå University

Alexandre Bartel is a Professor in the Department of Computing Science at Umeå University. His research interests are in the areas of software engineering and computer security. His work has helped to find and fix security weaknesses in Android applications, open-source projects, the Java Virtual Machine and software operated by the industry.