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Skellefteå a new fast-growing region

Skellefteå växer med ökad befolkning, fler arbetsplatser och expansivt bostadsbyggande. Illustrationen visar det kommande kulturhuset. Bild: Skellefteå Kommun / White Arkitekter

Today, 72 000 people live in Skellefteå, situated in the north of Sweden. Due to large investments in the digital industry this will change rapidly. By 2030 Skellefteå is estimated to have 80 000 inhabitants.

Together with Umeå, Skellefteå is one of two cities growing in the north of Sweden. In Skellefteå, the estimated population growth demands 4 000 new jobs and as many new homes. A number of activities – business investments, housing constructions and infrastructure – are crucial and now underway to develop the town.

High pressure
New land allocation agreements and new players and collaborations within the housing market has been developed. “We have a higher pressure now when more people want to build,” says Patrik Larsen, Land Development Manager at the Municipality of Skellefteå.

Increase further
As battery developer and manufacturer Northvolt hires more and more people, the pressure will increase further. According to Land and Development Manager Patrik Larsen it will be necessary to build at least 500 new homes per year in the coming years to meet demand.

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